Cygnets was founded by married artists Tabby and Hessy in April 2015. Tabby studied illustration at Central Saint Martins, and Hessy: Fine Art at Kingston University. Today, they run the school together from their houseboat Lady Rose of Regents, with their dog Badger.

Having worked together at an art school in London, in 2015 Tabby and Hessy decided to open their own in Kingston, where they lived. Although it started small with just a couple of classes, the school grew quickly in popularity, and in 2017 they opened a second venue in Richmond.

Along with a growing list of services and happy customers, the list of Cygnets' students grew and grew. Today they run over ten classes over the two venues with 150+ students every week.

In 2018, the process of preparing the business for franchise began, as Tabby and Hessy decided to share the magic Cygnets formula with other creatives across the country!

"When I graduated from St Martins, teaching was never something I had particularly considered until I fell into it working for a family friend. 

I quickly discovered what a fun, flexible and rewarding job it can be - spending your days doing art with children has to be one of the funniest and most enjoyable ways to earn money!

When it came to starting Cygnets, I knew nothing about the world of business, but worked everything out as I went along, and am so proud to be able to share this information and experience with our community of franchisees."

Tabby Booth (Director)

Cygnets is an amazing

franchise of children's art schools in the UK. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

Becoming a Cygnets franchisee allows you to start your very own art school, and become part of our creative community across the country.

Interested in joining us? Please fill out the below contact form and we will get back to you ASAP


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