Co-Director Tabby Booth on how she designed her dream life and set out to share this with our creatives across the country...

"When I graduated from St Martins, having studied illustration, I quickly became very disillusioned with the idea of becoming a professional illustrator. It seemed to involve a great deal of hard work and rejection, with very little return! And even with a relatively successful career, the amount of money you're able to make just didn't seem proportionate, or inviting to me. 

I decided early on that my priority in life was to "work to live" rather than "live to work" - however cliched that might sound. It was really important to me to not spend my life in a 9-5, and to have the freedom to travel at will; enjoy daily quality time with loved ones, and create my own artwork for my own pleasure, rather than commercial necessity. Which meant making enough money to be able do these things. But I also knew that I didn't want to leave the creative field - money was not the only objective. And so Cygnets was born.

Although education wasn't something Hessy or I had ever considered previously, we both quickly discovered it's a fantastically fun and rewarding profession. We work very few hours per week and are able to both be with our son full-time as he grows up. We have the choice to run classes ourselves, or work with other fantastic teachers and run the school from anywhere in the world. Alongside this, I feel extremely privileged to be working in the creative industry, when this is so unusual for graduates. of art schools. One of our key motives as a business is to provide well-paid, creative, enjoyable work to other creatives across the country, which I think is so important.

Cygnets has almost been a victim of its own success, and really this is why we made the decision to franchise! Having a started a business that would give me freedom, we quickly found our time taken up as it grew very popular, very quickly. With franchising, we're able to impart our knowledge and experience of the business to other creatives, and I still get to be a part of the elements I love, whilst retaining all the benefits of the business that drew me to it originally.

I think perhaps that the biggest selling point of the franchise, is that several of our personal friends have opened, or are planning to open, Cygnets schools, having watched the life we're able to lead with it over the years! Several have also been parents of our students, which again I hope is testament to how much they, and their kids, have enjoyed the classes.


I believe very much in designing the life that you want, and I really think that Cygnets is an ideal business structure to allow you to do this. I've loved watching the different schools grow and develop over the last few years, and feel so proud of the success they've achieved, and the lives they're now able to live because of it. It's a wonderful community to have created, and be a part of, and I'm extremely excited for it to expand in the future and to meet all the potential new Cygnets Headteachers out there!

I deal with all Cygnets Franchise enquiries directly, so please feel free to ring or email me with any questions, on: 07903 132 064 or

Tabby Booth (Director)

100% of Cygnets Franchisees agreed that they're confident their business will grow, and that they're able to do this.

Cygnets is an amazing

franchise of children's art schools in the UK. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

Becoming a Cygnets franchisee allows you to start your very own art school, and become part of our creative community across the country.

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