Start Your Own Kids Art School Franchise in the UK

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on the details provided.

However, here are answers to some FAQs that might be helpful...

How many hours a week will I be working?

This will depend largely on whether you yourself plan to teach, or if you will solely be running the business, and sourcing teachers elsewhere. 

The running of the business itself for one area, will take approximately 8hrs/ week and can be done from home or abroad.

If you are doing the teaching, you will need to have availability within term time and school holidays: at least ten state school weeks each term time (after school & Saturdays); at least two days each week of state school half term (daytimes); at least two days in two separate weeks each state school Easter holiday (daytimes), and at least two days in three separate weeks each state school Summer holiday (daytimes)  

Can I work from home?

Apart from teaching, all other admin work can be done from home.

As I have to run term time classes and holiday workshops, will I still have time to go on holiday?

If you run the minimum number of term time and holiday classes, you will have 14 weeks of the year completely off! Of course you still have to keep up with admin in this time, but this can easily be done from anywhere in the world.

What services will my school offer?

The minimum services that all schools must run are: term time classes, holiday workshops, private tuition and birthday parties. There are also various other services that you can offer if'd like to.

How much will it cost to start and run my franchise?

The initial licence fee to start in one area is £5k, or for two areas: 8k. You then pay an ongoing franchise fee of 10% of your income.

How much money could I make?

Cygnets schools have the proven potential to earn six figure incomes.

Do I have to be creative to start a Cygnets franchise?

If you are planning on teaching classes yourself, then you will basic drawing skills. However, you may wish to simply run the school, and source talented artist teachers to run your classes for you!

Do I need experience of working with children?

No - experience working with children is great, but not necessary. 

Do I need business experience?

No - as part of our training and Operations Manual, you will receive all the information and instructions to run every aspect of your business.

Will I need to come up with my own projects for classes?

No - all projects are listed in the Project Manual, so you can just pick and choose which ones you'd like to do! However, if you're keen to come up with your own ideas, you can also use our Project Creator.

How quickly can I start my school?

Once the agreement has been signed and payment made, you will be booked into the next available training slot, which happen every three months. Once training has been completed and you've made all the necessary steps to set up the business, you can start running!

What do I receive for my initial investment?

In return for your initial investment, you receive the licence to run your branch of Cygnets in your designated area. As well as your own website, logo, email, booking system, around £800 worth of new art materials, an ongoing 10% discount at Cass Art, 24/7 access to our Operations & Project Manuals, one week's full training, and ongoing support from Cygnets headquarters.

What support will I receive after the initial training?

Tabby, the Cygnets Director, will be on hand via phone and email to help with any advice, issues or queries. As well as this, you'll receive updates with exciting ideas such as new projects, techniques and services, as well as invitations to our annual Franchisee Pizza & Painting meetups!

100% of Cygnets Franchisees strongly agreed that they were happy with the step-by-step projects provided in the project manual.

Cygnets is an amazing

franchise of children's art schools in the UK. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

Becoming a Cygnets franchisee allows you to start your very own art school, and become part of our creative community across the country.

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