Start Your Own Kids Art School Franchise in the UK

Unlike starting a business from scratch, one of the biggest benefits of a franchise, is the ongoing support you'll receive from Cygnets headquarters and our community of Franchisees around the country.


Cygnets director Tabby Booth will be your personal Franchise assistant, and there to guide you, or answer any questions via email or phone. This is not just during the setting up of your business, but ongoing whenever you might need it.

"Having set up Cygnets from scratch myself, I've literally been in the shoes of the Franchisee: experiencing the excitement of starting your own art school and everything that goes along with it! 


It's really important to me that all of our franchisees feel supported, and that they're able to access experienced advice and information when they need it, so that their businesses can be successful and sustainable."

Tabby Booth | Cygnets Director


Although the Training Week, alongside the Operations and Project Manuals, will provide you with all the information you will need to start and run your school, Cygnets headquarters will also keep you updated with fresh, new material such as:

  • Themes and projects

  • Technique and material ideas

  • Services 

  • Annual Pizza & Painting meetups!

100% of Cygnets Franchisees strongly agreed that they have
been happy with Tabby and Cygnets as their franchisor.

Cygnets is an amazing

franchise of children's art schools in the UK. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

Becoming a Cygnets franchisee allows you to start your very own art school, and become part of our creative community across the country.

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